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A Proactive Preventative Investment in your health. Take control and enhance your health and wellness.

Our products are designed to seamlessly augment your lifestyle and help you take control and power up your health and wellness - You are what you eat or drink - With that in mind, our recipes are made with the finest organic ingredients to produce quality products that not only taste great but also benefit and enhance your health. A Proactive Preventative Investment in your health.


Try POWERUP for yourself and get a head of the game.


I received the UPLIFT version of the drink from a hospice nurse. I fell in love with it because of the taste. Less sugar and a distinct aroma of herbs. I was enjoying the drink, little did I know that my blood pressure was also being controlled as I well. I have been on Amlodipine and Nifedipine for years but my blood pressure was still skyrocketing but since I started drinking POWER UP, UPLIFT my blood pressure is between 114/70 to 120/70.

Amber G.

I purchased about 60 bottles of the drink for my father’s funeral. I saw people were taking 2 to 3 bottles per bottle person. I tasted the first bottle, I attempted for the second bottle but it was finished. The next morning, I realize that I had a bowel movement without struggling. Since then, I have been drinking 10oz, every night before I go to bed, it acts a stool softener in the morning.

Annalise, VA

I introduced this POWERUP to my son who is a diabetic. He loves the taste and the low sugar content. What' more amazing is that his blood sugars have dramatically improved and are more controlled since he started drinking POWERUP routinely. I would definitely recommend to others.